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Employer/Employee, married couple it's common to have an house maid, these maid could keep your house cleaning and tidy, help your household from cleaning floor, laundry, cooking, washing, car wash, taking care of kids and so on. We always select and fullfil the best maid for employer. Lists like this one:

  1. Sales team will Understand and Noted down employer Job task for maid.
  2. Select the suitable maid biodata  and recommend for employer.
  3. Interview face to face or virtual conference, to make sure maid understand their job task.
  4. Collect and Submit documents for maid applications.
  5. During waiting period, we give training to maids in recruiter training centre according employer Job task.
  6. After Calling Visa done and overseas recruitment done, we will confirm that maids able to work and ready for depart.
  7. Arrival of maids and we will do medical check (fomema) and ready to deliver maid to employer.





All our maid are well trained. They are strictly required to attend the Household Training Centre



We focus on long term relationship instead of our immediate benefit, and we are ready to process everything for you.



We understand that maids' performance are directly related with our maid agencies' reputation.